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How it Works

Our machine learning algorithms process thousands of data points to assess borrowers credit profile and create tailored loan products - availing a unique loan amount to client and a unique repayment period without providing collateral.

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Review and Approval
Review and Approval

Your bank alerts and other transactions that reflects on your phone are automatically analyzed and reviewed each time you receive an SMS/EMAIL Notification. An Approved Loan amount which you qualify for is highlighted on your dashboard.

Loan PAyout
Loan Payout

Loan amount is disbursed instantly to your PayConnect Loan e-wallet at your request which you can withdraw from any ATM, use on any POS or transfer to any bank account of their choice in Nigeria.

Loan Repayment
Loan Repayment

Repayment is effortless, as we automatically make deduction from your source account on the loan repayment due date.

Who we are


is a Mobile Lending Marketplace Solution that matches
Lenders and Credit worthy Unbanked/Underbanked Borrowers.

We use a proprietary algorithm that automatically aggregates client's transactions notification on their mobile phones, Bills payment, Call/SMS history and simultaneously analyses Income and spending patterns,then avails loan amount with tenure that uniquely suits each individual. The application process is easy and seamless.

Loans on PayConnect do not require Collateral. Applicants receive loans amounts into their PayConnect E-wallet after approval, which they can withdraw from any ATM, Use on any POS or transfer to any bank account of their choice in Nigeria. Repayment is required after a stipulated tenure.

Our team has over 20 years of combined experience in banking, risk management and Information Technology. We are determined to tackle what we consider a critical issue of lending to Students, Small Businesses and Employees in conventional Banking Environment.

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